Mister C

I was involved in shooting footage for part of Mister C’s episodes. This was my first time shooting video on a set. I warmed up to see how they were shooting angles and was able to get the hang of it quickly! Before shooting the episode, I used my experience with photography on set to make sure the lighting looked awesome! Shifting around the lights and looking at what needed to be changed around, we were able to produce beautiful lighting on the subjects.



I was involved with shooting the Dayton TedX Event. While shooting the photography the first day, there was an issue with the focus on the camera. After checking the settings multiple times and trying to fix it, I had no problem asking for help to assure I would be taking the best shots possible. The photographs taken turned out to be great and I was really able to capture the emotion of the TedX speakers. I felt accomplished and felt like I made a successful contribution to the team that day.


Dayton Startup Week

At the Dayton Startup Week event, I was assigned to work a camera that was shooting video. While this was my second event in the field, I worked my hardest to make sure the quality of footage they were looking for was taken. 
I learned working these events will help me in the future. I was able to work together in a team setting successfully and efficiently. I am able to learn and to problem solve quickly and I effectively captured great footage of the event!


Wright State Art Department Promo Video

For the Wright State Art Department promo video, I shot some of the clips for the piece and edited the whole piece myself with guidance from my professors. I was worked on Premiere Pro and taught myself quickly how to figure out the graphics and editing needed to make the piece look more complete. I went through all the clips that were taken to get the best parts of each of the categories. Later I went through the clips a second time and kept the clips that I thought would fit best together. After fine tuning and making the piece cohesive, I was able to look at it as a fully finished piece. I loved seeing a vision from start to finish and I was ecstatic to being involved in the process! This time working with Premiere Pro seemed easier and I felt proud of myself for putting together a great video!


Rare Active Promo Video

For the Rare Active Photoshoot I was involved in, it was right up my alley. I love working out and I love workout wear, so when we got the project I was beyond excited to be apart of it. When shooting for the promo video, I was able to work with one of the cameras and work with our team to create the best shots that we could in multiple different locations and environments. With editing for the Rare Active piece, I sorted through the clips and pieced them together to make a fluid, informational video.